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As a fourth generation company, we find our roots in the German metal and electrical industry- a foundation that has, over the years, enabled us to create mechanical tools and devices such as Europe’s first electrically powered metal washing machine as well as floor care and cleaning products.

From the outset, our founder, Robert Thomas believed in developing long-lasting relationships based upon personal service. Today, innovative and user-friendly products as well as customer service are still our top priorities to our customers all over the world.

At Robert Thomas we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. With a high degree of integrity and quality, we manufacture innovative, environment-friendly products that have been recognized as some of the industry’s best. As we move forward, our goal is to continue to deliver the same level of professionalism and expertise we’ve been known for since the early 1900’s.

Filtration - With the ROTHO TWIN TT, you can rest assured knowing that you’re doing everything possible to create a healthy environment for your family and pets. By bonding with the water in our unique Aquafilter, particles are unable to be released back into the air in your home. Without dust bags, or chemicals, the air that is exhausted from the ROTHO TWIN TT is filtered far more than any ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Dry Vacuuming - With the ROTHO TWIN TT you can clean under, between, around and over virtually every surface in your home. Gentle enough to clean everything from hardwoods, tile, tight-knit carpets and yet durable enough to use on hard surfaces, there’s nothing like the ROTHO TWIN TT. For longer, loose knit, thick carpet such as shag carpet, the cleaning system offers the powerful electro-brush. And unlike most cleaning systems, we offer this component with a safety auto shut off feature that comes standard. In addition to expertly designed components such as the carpet nozzle, crevice nozzle, parquet shoe and turbo brush to remove pet hair, the ROTHO TWIN TT is equipped with a filtration system that removes 99.999% of allergens from the air returning to the environment. It’s the ultimate in total home cleaning.

Wet Cleaning - Dirt and dust in your home aren’t always on the surface, which is why we designed the ROTHO TWIN TT to offer a wet cleaning system that allows you to clean like never before. Not an every day clean, the vacuum capability
couples unique cleaning tools, and a variety of attachments, with a powerful spray to break up, dissolve and remove dirt and allergens from your home. And just as diverse as the tools are the surfaces you can clean. Deeply embedded soils, pet dander, dust and dust mites, allergens and odors can be removed from every type of surface from fabrics to upholstery to carpets to hardwoods and specialty flooring, like tile. It can even be used to unclog sinks.

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