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This is the philosophy by which all Miele products are manufactured. Founded in 1899 in Germany, Miele is setting the standard in filtration with the original Sealed System and H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter combination. This commitment to quality and innovation ensures that the Miele products you purchase are not only friendlier to the environment, but are also designed and built to last for many years.

Miele Cleans the Air You Breathe
The S8 series canister vacuum has been awarded certification by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institute, an independent institute that monitors air hygiene. The S8 joins other Miele vacuums - which were the world's first to receive this certificate - with a top rating of "excellent air quality." This certification refers to Miele's HEPA filter and the vacuum cleaner working together as a Sealed System™ to provide maximum protection for indoor air quality.

Please exercise caution when evaluating other vacuum filtration systems, as there are many gimmicks that do not work as effectively or scientifically. As this is an area where the results can be devastating to young or elderly lungs, or to anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma, you may want to call us or visit our store to discuss the importance of the indoor air quality in your home and how a Miele vacuum cleaner can improve it.

Sealed System
Miele’s exclusive filter system, in conjunction with Miele’s unmatched power, allows the canister vacuum to operate within a completely sealed system.

A Piece of Art
Because of it’s unique and beautiful design, a Miele canister vacuum is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art.

Due to their high quality, every Miele canister vacuum comes with a seven-year warranty on the motor and a one-year warranty on all other parts and labor.

The Miele upright vacuums have a two seven-year warranty on the motor and two-year warranty on all parts and labor.

The Miele Universal Upright vacuums have a five-year warranty on the motor and one-year on all parts and labor.

Bags, belts and filters are exempt from the warranty.

IntensiveClean™ Dust Bag
All Miele vacuum cleaners, including the uprights, use the electrostatically-charged AirClean Plus™ double layer disposable dust bag.

Miele disposable dust bags have a built-in dust flap which closes automatically to prevent any dust from escaping back into the room while changing the bag. The "dust bag change indicator" will let you know when it’s time to change the dust bag.

In addition to the use of a dust bag, all Miele canister vacuums use, a pre-motor filter, and an exhaust filter. The basic exhaust filter is an electrostatic Super Air Clean Filter is positioned after the motor to capture the minute particles that have escaped through the dust bag as well as any particles that may be generated by the motor. This post motor filter design, in conjunction with rubber sealing throughout the system, is crucial to maintaining clean air.

The Super Air Clean Filter which is constructed of special nylon fibers. As air passes through the filter, the nylon rubs together, creating static, and charges the filter which then traps dust in the filter. If your vacuum is equipped with a H.E.P.A. or Active Air Clean Filter, you may want to save the Super Air Clean Filter for when you are cleaning an especially dirty area and you don’t need the H.E.P.A. filter.

We recommend you change the Super Air Clean Filter each time you open a new package of dust bags.

A new pre-motor filter and Super Air Clean Filter are supplied with each box of dust bags.

S-Class H.E.P.A. Filter
Available on all canister models. This High Efficiency Particulate Air filter retains all particles to 0.3 of a micron, at an efficiency rating of 99.97%. This helps create a comfortable environment for asthma and allergy sufferers. (The H.E.P.A. filter should be replaced annually for maximum efficiency.

Note: As a part of our quality service, Distinctive Vacuums & Appliances will mail a postcard to you on the annual anniversary of your vacuum purchase to remind you it is time to order a replacement H.E.P.A. filter.

Optional Filter
If you prefer, instead of the H.E.P.A. filter, your Miele canister vacuum can be equipped with an Active Air Clean Filter. This filter combines technologies of the Super Air Clean Filter and charcoal filtering to help absorb and eliminate odors resulting from such things as pets and smoking.

Note: The Active Air Clean Filter is not available for the Miele Plus canister vacuums.

The Active Air Clean Filter should be replaced annually to ensure maximum efficiency from your vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Motor
Every Miele canister is equipped with a powerful 1,200 watt, Miele-made Vortex Motor System™ to produce the maximum amount of cleaning power.

Ribbed Interior Design
The ribbed interior design of all Miele canisters allows air to continuously circulate around the entire bag, maintaining maximum and constant suction even as the bag is filled.

Rubber Wheels
All Miele vacuums feature rubber wheels that prevent marring of floors. All canister models have three rubber wheels that swivel 360 degrees. These swivel wheels make the Miele canister vacuum easy to maneuver and very stable. Running over cables, thresholds and steering around furniture and sleeping pets is a breeze. Rolling the canister around on hardwood floors and carpeting is equally easy.

Telescoping Wand Set
The hose wand telescopes to adjust to the optimum height for each user. No more wands to hook together. Simply press a button on the wand, and adjust it to the proper length.

On-Board Tools
Each Miele canister vacuum has a built-in caddie under the lid to store vacuum tools for quick access. The S4 series canister vacuums store the tools on the wand. The type of tools included and the number stored on-board varies with each model. Specifics are listed with each model.

Park System for Hose and Wand
Every canister vacuum is equipped with an exclusive Park System that enables you to conveniently stop vacuuming and return later without bending to put down and pick up the wand. The floor tool and/or wand locks into a holder on the canister, and it’s set to go whenever you’re ready. This feature allows you to carry the vacuum, hose and floor tool with one hand.

Rubber Bumper
The fully-integrated bumper strip on canister vacuums is made from soft plastic that goes all the way around the vacuum to protect both furniture and the vacuum in the even of a collision.

Superior Construction
All Miele vacuums are made with ABS, the same advanced polymer used to make football helmets, making them strong and durable.

Be sure to see the Miele accessories page for a full description of the tools and accessories available for Miele vacuum cleaners.