Premier Upright Vacuums
Lindhaus continues in its efforts to engineer and produce a superior vacuum cleaner with the highest filtration levels currently available on the market. They strive to keep abreast of the ever changing needs of the consumer and to provide them not only the best cleaning vacuum, but also a vacuum with a very beautiful and classic design that will last for years to come.

Quiet Operation
From the moment you first turn on a Lindhaus vacuum, you will immediately notice how quiet it operates.

Five Stage Air Filtration
Every Lindhaus vacuum includes a unique five stage filtration system for superior exhaust air quality. The final stage is hospital grade Filtrete filtration media from the 3M Company. This system effectively traps dust, pollen, dust mites and other contaminants responsible for allergies and asthma.

H.E.P.A. Filter
Many of the Lindhaus uprights can be equipped with an S-Class H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which retains all particles to 0.3 of a micron, at an efficiency rating of 99.97%.

The H.E.P.A. filter should be replaced annually for maximum efficiency.

Carbon Active Filter
Optional on some models, a special carbon active/microfilter cartridge helps to eliminate offensive odors such as smoke, kitchen and pet odors, etc. Under normal use, this filter should be replaced annually.

Warranty varies per unit. Valzer & Healthcare Pro carries a 3-year parts/1-year labor warranty, while RX Evolution covers 1-year for parts/labor.

Powerful Suction Motor
Every Lindhaus vacuum is equipped with a powerful motor to produce the maximum amount of cleaning power. This power is measured in inches of water lift which is the vacuum’s ability to lift a column of water in a vacuum wand. The Lindhaus uprights produce water lift of 77 inches which is an indication of their excellent cleaning ability.

The by-pass vacuum motor pulls dirt into the bag rather than pushing it in. This also prevents damage to the fan blade as it never comes in contact with any of the objects pulled into the vacuum.

Separate Power Head Motor
The power head is equipped with its own electric motor. This two motor system provides maximum suction power and maximum power to the brush roller. There is a brush height adjustment knob to allow for the proper positioning of the power head in relation to the carpet thus providing superior cleaning efficiency.

An electronic circuit in the power head allows proper height adjustment on carpet and makes the motor start slowly keeping the power steady. It shuts off the power head motor in case of snagging or blocking of the brush to prevent damage to the power head which saves both time and money.

Eco Spreader
All three Lindhaus vacuums are available with an optional Eco Spreader. The Eco Spreader is the perfect solution for cleaning carpets and rugs with minimal effort. There is no need to purchase or rent a separate carpet cleaning machine. It attaches to the base of the vacuum, and is used in conjunction with Lindhaus Eco Dry, a highly effective dry carpet cleaning compound.

Low-Profile Design
The low profile of Lindhaus uprights allows you to vacuum under low furniture such as beds.

Back Pack Kit
The Healthcare Pro and the HEPA 5 can be used with the optional back pack kit to become a comfortable back pack unit to clean those above the floor and hard to reach areas.

Rubber Wheels
All Lindhaus vacuums feature rubber wheels that prevent marring of floors.

Blower Port
Most Lindhaus vacuums can be fitted with an optional blower port. Check the individual model charts for availability.

On-Board Tools
The Healthcare Pro HEPA and the RX Evolution both have on-board tools. An accessory kit is also supplied with the Valzer, but due to its compact size, the tools must be stored off of the vacuum. Specifics are listed with each model.

Hard Floor Tools
Thanks to the versatile Lindhaus patented hard floor tools, ceramic, marble, linoleum and wood floors are now extremely easy to clean. They quickly and efficiently remove all dirt and dust on the first pass.